backgrounds file

The backgrounds file contains data for each background process submitted for execution. The item-ID is a user specified string to uniquely identify the background job.

The attributes in the backgrounds file are:

00 BACKGROUND The item ID of the backgrounds file, user chosen. No spaces are allowed in this attribute.
01 USER The user that created this job.
02 PORT The port that created this job.
03 MSG Identifies if a message should be sent to the port that created the job when it ends.
04 COMMAND The command to run.
05 TYPE Identifies what the job is doing right now.
06 ACTIVATE.DATE The date that the job is to be activated.
07 ACTIVATE.TIME The time of day when the job is scheduled to be activated.
08 SKIP.DAYS The number of days to skip before the job is re-executed.
09 SKIP.TIME Identifies how much time to skip between re-executions.
10 DOW The days of the week to skip.
11 INACTIVE.FROM The time of day after which this job should not be run.
12 INACTIVE.TILL The time of day before which not to run.
13 CREATE.DATE The date this job was created.
14 CREATE.TIME The time of day this job was created.
15 START.DATE The date the job last started.
16 START.TIME The last time of day this job was started.
17 END.DATE The date the job last ended.
18 END.TIME The last time of day this job ended.
20 CNT The job has been run this many times since it was created.
23 ACTIVE.PORT The port the job is running on right now.
24 STATUS The current status of the job
C Closed: Job has finish its schedule.
I Initializing: Job is just being initialized.
Q Queued: Waiting until its next scheduled time to run.
R Running: Currently being processed.
25 ACCT The account in which to run the job.
26 STARTABLE The state of whether the process will run again or not.
? Calculating the time to run this process again
A ASAP: Run the job as soon as the bgsched is available.
N Never run this job again.
T Timed: Waiting for the next time to run this job.
27 IMMEDIATE Immediately re-runs a recurring job, regardless of whether the previous job completed after the scheduled time for the next job.
28 DOPTION Determines if the jobs file entry should be deleted or not.
D Delete the job item.
blank Do not delete the job item.