.save index command (Runoff)

The .save index command saves entries defined in previous .index commands in the specified file reference, using the item-ID of the current Runoff item. The file reference of the index must be different than the current file reference to avoid destroying data. This command causes chapter and page number information of indexed data in a text to be saved in a separate file. Each index entry is stored as an individual item using the index entry as the item-ID, the chapter (where that index entry is referenced) as the first attribute and the page number as the second attribute. Multiple values are stored in these attributes as multiple references to the same index entry. The resulting file may then be operated on by the AQL processor to generate listings for the chapter and page number information of all indexed data in a text. The .save index command is placed in the text item itself and must precede the .index commands. Only indexed data that has been preceded by the .save index command is saved in the specified file.


.save index file.reference


file.reference Specifies the file where the chapter and page information resides.
Warning: This must be a separate file from the text file. Otherwise data in the text file will be destroyed.