zc (zip code) processing code

The zc processing code uses the zcf file to display the city, state, and Zip code. For international zip codes, an additional country file is used. For U.S.A. zip codes, zc displays a standard 5-digit zip code or the zip+4 code.

This processing code is supported only from the VME.

System Processors Select, Update, List
Code Type Attribute Defining
Dictionary Attributes Input Conversion, Output Conversion, Correlative




In order to use the zc processing code, there must be three files defined. The files used by this code are:

  • zcf

  • state

  • country

The zcf and country files are opened with the first zc conversion, and left open until logoff. If you have multiple zcf and/or country files (with different contents), the zc processing code always references the first zcf or country file that was opened.


U.S.A. zcf file attributes International zcf file attributes
000 Item-ID (zip code)

001 City

002 State
000 Country.code “.” postal code

001 City

002 State/Province/Territory/null
“dm,country” file

000 1 or 2-character country code

001 country