y (update stamping) processing code

The y processing code stamps user, PIB, and/or time/date update information into an internal item header from all processors.

If you attempt to file or restore an update stamp in an FSI file-defining item, it will be commented-out with an asterisk (*).

This processing code is supported only from the VME.

System Processors N/A
Code Type File Defining
Dictionary Attributes Correlative




To be effective, the y code must be followed by one or more of these letters to stamp information at update time:

u User-ID.
p User PIB.
t Time/Date information. The hexadecimal Time/Date indicates the number of seconds since 12/31/67.


Unlike the x code, the y code updates stamp information when an item is updated from any processor. Additionally, this stamp information is stored outside the normal item body in a special textual header.

To read the stamp information generated by the y code, prefix the file name with the word hdr:. The header information can then be examined from FlashBASIC, AQL, or any other processor. Note that the stamp information cannot be written outside of the normal update mechanism.

The save command saves all header information on the save tape, and the restore command automatically restores this information. However, the t-dump and t-load commands do not save/restore the header. Instead, the t-load command generates new header information as if the items were being updated normally.