encrypt processing code

The encrypt processing code is field-level encryption functionality that works with the encrypt-file and decrypt-file commands.

System Processors N/A
Code Type File Defining
Dictionary Attributes Correlative


 encrypt attrn1,attrn2,attrn3


attrn1 First numeric attribute number.
attrn2 Second numeric attribute number.
attrn3 Third numeric attribute number (and so on).

For example: encrypt 2,5,8


After the encrypt processing code has been added to the d-pointer item, all items that are updated in the file will have their attributes encrypted that are specified in the encrypt processing code. Encrypt markers reside:
  • At the start of items that identify them as having field-level encryption.
  • On each encrypted attribute, indicating which attributes are encrypted.
If you want to switch to encrypting the entire item for the file, you should remove the encrypt processing code from the d-pointer item.
  • When an item of the file is updated, it will switch from field-level encryption to entire item encryption after the encrypt processing code is removed.
  • The items that do not get updated keep their field-level encryption.

    For items that have field-level encryption, there is an encrypt marker on each encrypted attribute that indicates which attributes need to be decrypted.

When an item is retrieved from the file, it will know which type of encryption is on the item (field-level or the entire item) and will decrypt the item accordingly.

Ensure that you run the commands to change the state of the data.