d (dependent value) processing code

The d processing code defines the dependent attribute in a control/dependent pair of correlated MultiValues; the controlling attribute must contain a c code. The attribute count specified in the attribute count parameter must contain the c code and attribute count of the controlling attribute. Note that this function belongs in attribute 4 of the item.

System Processors Select, Update, List
Code Type Attribute Defining
Dictionary Attributes Structure




ac Specifies the attribute count of the controlling attribute.


In the example below, order# is the controlling attribute and controls the values in attributes 4, 5, and 6. Each of these three controlled attributes must indicate in their corresponding attribute-defining items that they are dependent upon attribute 3.

id:   order#   quantity   price   ext.price
001   a        a          a       a
002   3        4          5       6
004   c;4;5;6  d;3        d;3     d;3