callc (close trigger) processing code

The callc (close trigger) is called before the table is closed.

This processing code is supported only from the FSI.

System Processors N/A
Code Type File Defining
Dictionary Attributes Correlative


callc file.spec module


file.spec Full path to the file containing the FlashBASIC code. The full path database,file, must be used (for example dm,bp,). The account name in the file path must be an FSI account. file.spec can be omitted if the module has been cataloged in the Domain Catalog.
module Record-ID of the FlashBASIC module.

The argument of the module is the table name.

The FlashBASIC access() functions are set as follows:

1 File variable.
2 Currently not supported.
3 File name (same as the argument).
10 File name (same as the argument).
11 Supported.
12 Always 0.
16 Always 0.
23 Always 1.