u01ad user exit

User exit u01ad retrieves a value from an attribute of an item in a file. The next line of the Proc specifies the file information.


file.name item-ID attribute.ref code.number


file.name Name of the file. If the file name is prefixed with an asterisk, the dictionary portion of the file is accessed.
item-ID Item name.
attribute.ref Attribute name (or number).
code.number a Outputs to the alternative output buffer.
p Outputs to the primary input buffer.
s Outputs to the current output buffer.
t Outputs to the terminal.
v Verifies that the file exists.
va Verifies that the attribute exists.


This function allows indirect references to values from the input and output buffers by using these special symbols:

% Indicates the current input buffer value.
# Indicates the current output buffer value.
Note: The same function can be performed with the correlative:
a0(tfile.reference;xn;; a/amc)
where file.reference is the name of the file, n is the n value to retrieve, and a/amc is the attribute-mark count to use.


Direct Reference

u01ad control-file co.name 1 s

xcan’t find co.name or control.file
Reads attribute 1 of the item called co.name in the file named control-file and places it in the current output buffer.
Indirect Reference

u01ad %2 %3 %4 p

xsomething went wrong...

Reads the attribute number as defined in the fourth location of the input buffer, using the item-ID from the third location and the file name from the second location.