.font command

The .font command selects the font defined in the device item or specifies fonts that are not predefined in the printer item. If the device does not support the fonts or the device item has not been configured, this command has no affect.


.font number
.font orientation, symbolset, spacing, pointsize, pitch, style, strokeweight, typeface




number Selects the corresponding font number defined in the device item.
orientation Can be either portrait or landscape.
symbolset Can be either ASCII, legal, roman8, or linedraw.
spacing Can be either proportional or fixed.
pointsize Specifies the point size.
pitch Specifies the pitch.
style Can be either upright, italic, or reverse.
strokeweight Can be light, lightmedium, mediumlight, medium, mediumbold, boldmedium, or bold.
typeface Can be any of the valid types defined in the corresponding item in the devices file for the printer being used.


.font portrait,legal,fixed,10,12,upright,medium,courier