FlashBASIC features that function differently in D3 Windows vs. UNIX

The FlashBASIC features listed below either differ in functionality for each platform or are not supported for one of the platforms.

Command/Feature Description
% function calls For D3 Windows, must be compiled in FlashBASIC.
access(2) function in triggers Not supported for D3 Windows.
Commons in VB Rule Modules and Triggers For D3 Windows, COMMON is no re-initialized each time a FlashBASIC subroutine is started. The COMMON space persists and is closed only when the file is closed.
compile command’s (k option Not supported for D3 Windows.
Current account in triggers and rule modules For D3 Windows, when a trigger is invoked from a non-TCL application (for example, Visual Basic, D3 File Manager, FlashBASIC DOS executable), the current account is the account where the file resides. If the trigger opens a file in another account, the full path must be specified.
file command Not supported for D3 Windows on FlashBASIC.
inputerr in a trigger/aborting triggers For D3 Windows, the string is printed, but updates are not cancelled and it never returns to the Update processor. Use an abort instead.
oconv() function For D3 Windows, some oconv() function calls are handled by the FlashBASIC runtimes (date, mask). Others require a VME connection.
Socket communications

(%read, %write, and %close)

Not supported for D3 Windows on sockets. Use %send, %recv, and %closesocket. An additional 4th parameter that specifies the urgency of the data exists for %send and %recv.
%socket call phantom license consumption Running as a phantom, a D3 Windows %socket call consumes a user license and releases the phantom license. In UNIX it consumes both the user and the phantom license.
sort command For D3 Windows, uses a VME connection.
Subroutine calls in triggers and rule modules For D3 Windows, calls to external subroutines must specify the full path to the subroutine ("account,file, item") unless the subroutine exists in the global catalog. Use catalog (g to globally catalog a subroutine.
Separator characters for Flash-compiled programs D3 Windows uses the sDecimal, sThousands and sCurrency entries in the HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\International registry key as its decimal, thousands and currency separator characters when the programs are Flash-compiled. The sDecimal, sThousands and sCurrency entries used in the registry depends upon how D3 is started and the user that D3 is running as.
Flash-compiling triggers on D3 Windows Triggers on D3 Windows must be Flash-compiled.
%write function LineFeeds For both Windows and UNIX implementations, the %write function employs the C library write method within the operating system and translates LineFeeds (LF) as per that operating system's documentation. For Windows, LF translates to a CRLF. For UNIX, there is no translation (that is, and LF remains an LF).