Features not supported for D3 Windows

The following features have not been implemented on D3 Windows:

  • Bridges
  • Incremental saves and restores on FSI files
  • Running an execute from a callx subroutine
  • VB rule modules and callx subroutines do not support access to OSFI data
    Note: DOS files can be accessed using standard and user-supplied % function calls. VB rule modules and callx subroutines can use the execute command to retrieve OSFI data via the VME. FSI to FSI is supported using Super Q-Pointers.
  • Index saves and restores
  • The call command from Access (only non-Flashed code can be called from access)
  • ODBC in the VME (read only)
  • Many create-index and verify-index options are not supported in the FSI