D3 overview

D3 is a generalized database management language and system that provides tools to manage information in a flexible, efficient, and timely manner. The essence of developing an application with D3 is to define the problem in terms of information and relationships between information.

D3 is a multiuser system that supports many terminals and runs many jobs simultaneously. Processing originates with commands entered using Terminal Control Language (TCL) and ACCESS statements, which are a combination of commands and parameters contained in files called master dictionaries. Each set of interrelated files or database in D3 is organized around an master dictionary. The master dictionary contains the commands (both provided with the system and cataloged programs that are part of an application), macros, menus, connectives, and file names needed to process the information in its database.

This document contains entries specific to D3 features and is divided into major sections (see below). Each entry contains a description, syntax, options, and examples as appropriate.

Note: References to commands can appear in more than one section.