me command

The me command merges one or more lines from the current item, another item in the current file, or another item in a different file.


 me{#lines}(file.reference {item-ID})start.attr}}


#lines Specifies the number of lines to merge. If not specified, only one line is merged.
item-ID Specifies the item-ID. If not specified, item-ID uses the current item-ID.
start.attr Specifies the starting attribute (line) number. If not specified, the starting attribute (line) number merges from the first line.
file.reference Specifies the file where the item change resides. A left parenthesis specifies a different file reference. No item-ID following the file reference means the current item-ID.


The me command merges lines beginning with the starting attribute (line) number in an item-ID. Any delimiter, except a left parenthesis, specifies that the following parameter is an item-ID.


Merges 10 lines from the current item, beginning with line number 1.


Merges 10 lines from the item called abc, beginning with line number 3.


Merges 22 lines from the item called prog.doc, that resides in the file appdoc, beginning with line number 10.

 me22(appdoc prog.doc)10