uf070 user exit

The uf070 user exit starts and stops multiuser mode, and returns information about the number of serial ports, PIBs, phantom PIBs, licensed users, users logged on, and the maximum number of users that can log on.


var = oconv(function, ’uf070’)


Setting the system in single-user mode prevents more users from being able to log on. Users currently logged on are not affected.

function S Starts single-user mode.
M Starts multiuser mode.
"" Retrieves the current settings.

The returned string consists of six values in this order:

1 SIO Number of serial ports, and an initial character (s or m) indicating if the system is currently in single or multiuser mode. (The number of serial ports is not returned on UNIX-based systems.)
2 PIBS Number of PIBs available for serial devices, in hexadecimal.
3 PHANTOMS Number of PIBs available for phantom jobs, in hexadecimal.
4 ULIC Number of licensed users, in hexadecimal.
5 ULOG Number of users currently logged on, in hexadecimal.
6 UCEIL Maximum number of concurrent users permitted, in hexadecimal.

There can be more ports than licensed users.


x = oconv("", "UF070")
print "The current number of users is: ":xtd(x<5>)