u0358 user exit

The u0358 user exit allows character input combined with an eoi (end-of-input) character.


var = iconv(length, "u0358")


length Maximum length of the input, not including the eoi delimiter. length cannot be over 500 characters. The eoi character can be: x’0A’, x’0E’, x’17’, x’0C’, x’0D’, x’1A’, x’0B’

Editing Functions

The left-arrow key moves the cursor one position to the left while erasing the right side of the input field.

When the cursor reaches the left side of the input field, it remains on that first position.

When the cursor reaches the right side of input field, it remains on the last position and a bell is sent to the terminal. The user can then change the last character or move to the left.

Control characters other than the eoi are ignored.

Depending on the eoi character, the variable can be tested to take different branches. The eoi character is stored as a second attribute of the variable.


lg = 5
if carvalid=14 then...
if carvalid=15 then...