" Reserved Character

The " reserved character marks the beginning or ending of a literal string in FlashBASIC or BASIC.




Generally, it does not matter which types of quotation marks are used on literals (strings). But some statements, such as heading and footing, impose certain restrictions on their use.

If a literal string is to contain a single quotation marks, it must be enclosed within " or \.


In this example, single quotation marks are used to determine if the contents of answer contains the literal string, quit.

if answer = ’quit’ then stop

This example illustrates the use of two types of quotation marks, which are enforced by the heading statement.

heading "’lc’Rocket’l’"

AQL sentences enforce the rule that the heading string must be enclosed in double quotation marks. heading options must be enclosed in single quotation marks. The whole string is passed as a literal by enclosing it in \.

execute \list entity heading "’lc’entity’l’"\