%fgets() function

The %fgets() function reads characters from the named input stream into var until n-1 characters are read or a new line character is read and transferred to the string.


ptr = (char*)%fgets(var, n, (char*)stream)


The string is terminated with a null character (hexadecimal 00). A string of a size at least equal to n must be assigned to var before the call, otherwise the data is truncated. If less than n-1 bytes are returned, the content of the string beyond is undefined, as is usual in C. No data translation occurs.

The pointer returned has no meaning, except for a null value which indicates an error or that end of file has been encountered.

Note: The null character may have to be removed explicitly, as in the example.


char line[128] ;* make a buffer
pointer=(char*)%fgets(line, 128, (char*)stream)
if pointer#0 then
   print line