%readregistry() function

The %readregistry() function retrieves string values from the registry.

For UNIX: Not Supported


result = %readregistry(registryEntry, valueName, buffer, &bufferSize)


registryEntry String containing the name of the registry entry. This value is relative to the following registry directory:


For example, to retrieve the UserLogon value, you can pass in the following:

registryEntry = "D3vme\pick0"
valueName = "UserLogon"
valueName String containing the name of the value to read.
buffer char array to use as the output buffer.
bufferSize Integer representing the size of the buffer Must be passed in as &bufferSize.


0 OK
#0 Exception Code
buffer The value retrieved from the registry (only valid if return = 0)
bufferSize Amount of the buffer actually used.