crt statement

The crt statement outputs unconditionally to the terminal display, regardless of whether or not the printer on condition is in effect.


crt {exp{,exp..}{:}




exp Expression to be output unconditionally to the terminal display.


This functions like the print statement, but is not affected by:

  • The p option used with the run command at TCL.
  • The printer on statement.
  • A heading, footing, or page statement.

All of the @() functions provided with the print statement are allowed.

When expressions are separated by commas, the next expression is output starting at the column position defined by the next output tab.

A colon at the end inhibits the output of a CR/LF following the output of the last printed line.

Note: To generate backwards compatible object code, execute the set-compiler (ap command prior to compiling.


crt makes it easy to display status messages during printing.

printer on
for l = 1 to maxlines
   print line<l> ;* to printer
   if rem(l,50) else crt l ;* to screen
next l
printer close
printer off

The line counter l displays on the screen every 50 lines.