col2() function

The col2() function returns the numeric column position of the character following the substring retrieved in the most recently executed field() function.




The parentheses following the function are required, and contain no arguments.

col2() allows nonsystem delimited strings to be handled like dynamic arrays.

If the (search) value does not exist in the string being searched by the field() function, and the field requested is 1, then col2() returns the length of the string. If the same situation occurs, but the field requested is 2 or higher, then the col2() returns 0.


This example removes green from the colors.

colors = "blue*green*red*yellow"
name = field(colors,"*",2)
startpos = col1() ;* start.pos is 5
endpos = col2() ;* end.pos is 11
colors = colors[1,startpos]:colors[endpos+1,100]