Passing D3 Visual Basic objects

The following D3 Visual Basic object handles (using the brHandle method available to each D3 Visual Basic object) can be passed to a FlashBASIC subroutine:

D3 Object FlashBASIC Argument Notes
Dynamic Array String Only ANSI string can be passed.
File File variable The file must be opened in Visual Basic. The FlashBASIC subroutine can read and write the file, but must not close the file. File variables are not modified on return. In other words, it is not possible to pass an empty file object and have a FlashBASIC module open a file.
Note: The module can open/close files within the module. However, the Visual Basic application will not have access to those files unless it also opens the file.
Select List String The Flash subroutine should not modify the input string.
All Others Generate a Run Time Exception.