with modifier

The with modifier marks the beginning of a selection processor conditional, which is processed against the associated file to select items to pass on to the List processor.


with {not} {each} attr.name{operator} {"value"}




not (or no) Negates the normal effect of selection. Only those items that do not meet the criteria are selected.
every (or each) Specifies that in a MultiValue attribute, every value for the attribute must meet the specified condition.
attr.name Name of an attribute as specified by the attribute-defining item in the dictionary.
operator Any legal relational operator, such as =.
value Specific value to match, enclosed in double quotation marks or backslashes. If a selection criterion does not include a value, all items that have at least one value for the specified attribute name are selected.
Note: When using the with clause, the functionality for mask and date conversions is a bit obscure. If a mask or date conversion exists in the output-conversion, that conversion is applied to the selection criteria in the AQL sentence. For example, in the sentence:
select filename with attr "90]"
Where the data contains such values as 9000, 9010, 9020, and so on, the "90]" gets converted by an MR2 to "9000]". The logic is to convert the selection criteria once, rather than to convert each value that is processed by the select. Moving the MR2 to the correlative attribute bypasses the conversion to the selection criteria.


list entity with contact

list entity with no contact and with phone

list invoices if amount.due > "100"

list entity if no phone.number

list entity with no contact and with no phone.number

list orders if every quantity.ordered > "10"