list-item command (Access Query Language)

The list-item command displays items in their internally stored format. The list-item command combines the action of the copy command with the selection criteria and format capabilities of the list command. The items are copied to the user’s terminal or to the printer just as the copy command would copy them, with the line numbers on the left margin.


list-item file.reference {item.list} {selection.criteria} {sort.criteria}
{modifiers} {(options)}




options f Starts display of each item on a new page.
s Suppresses listing of attribute (line) numbers.
Note: If by is provided with a command that does not naturally sort (such as the list-item command), the command is changed to its sorting counterpart (for example, list-item becomes sort-item, select becomes sselect, and so on).


list-item dm,bp, ’term-type’ (p