list command

The list command generates formatted output based upon the specified arguments. If an item list is specified, items are listed in order of the item-IDs in the item list. If an item list is not specified, items are listed by the groups into which they hash, and within each group, each item is listed in the order in which it was entered or most recently updated.

The report is either produced in a columnar or a noncolumnar format. This is determined by the total width of all the attribute-defining items requested, plus the width of the item-ID column. If the total of all these ADIs (plus one space between each column) is less than the current device width (defined by the term command), the report is produced in columns. Otherwise, the report goes to the noncolumnar output format.

Note: If by is provided with a command that does not naturally sort (such as the list command), the command is changed to its sorting counterpart (for example, list becomes sort, select becomes sselect, and so on).


list file.reference {item.list} {selection.criteria} {modifiers}
{output.specification} {(options)}




This lists the entity file displaying the attributes specified in the file’s macro or output-macro.

list entity

This lists the surname and phone attributes of entity items that contain the text Brown in the surname. The report has headings and footings and is output to the printer without legends or the number of items message.

list entity with surname "[Brown]" name phone heading "’c’Brown People In Entity’
lcdxcjpll’"footing "’ll’Company Confidential" ni-supp (pk
                                   Brown People In Entity
                                   Feb 14 2004                    Page 1
entity....                         name....................       phone.......
99999                              Browning Joe                   818-555-1212
12345                              Brown Sally                    619-555-1212
88822                              Albrown Mike                   909-555-1212
Company Confidential