Output specifications

Output specifications specify the attributes to list.

The selected attribute items or synonym labels are displayed in either a columnar or non-columnar format depending on the report width. The width of the report is the sum of the width of each attribute to be listed plus one space separator between each attribute. If the width of the report does not exceed the page width as set by the TCL term command, a columnar format is generated.

The attributes for each item are displayed one under the other. If the requested output exceeds the page width, the column headings are listed in a noncolumnar format down the side of the output with their respective values immediately to the right. In the noncolumnar format, the column headings are listed only if there is a corresponding value.

The item-ID is always displayed unless it is suppressed using the id-supp connective or unless it is suppressed using the i option on the output-macro attribute of the associated file-defining item.


This example shows the output.specification is the name, contact, and phone.

 list entity name contact phone