AQL sentence form

In an AQL sentence, the command and file reference are required. The AQL command must be the first word of the sentence. All other elements are optional and are used to modify either the operator, operand, or output.

command file.reference{item.list} {selection.criteria} {sort.criteria}
{output.specifications} {print.limiters} {modifiers} {(options}

Selection criteria, sort criteria, output specifications, print limiters, and modifiers follow the item list.

Relational operators can be used with many of the elements of AQL sentence to allow exact specification of the conditions to be met.

Options, if used, must be placed last and must be preceded by a left parenthesis. The right parenthesis is optional.

The user forms AQL sentences that specify the preferred data retrieval functions. The AQL processor, together with the use of dictionaries, permits requests to be stated directly in the terminology used by the application.