D3 Windows Class Library overview

The D3 Windows Class Library comprises the ODBC and the RPC Class Libraries. The current version is compiled under Visual Basic 6.

  • Be careful when using the ODBC and RPC Class Libraries since different results may be returned depending upon whether you are using and ODBC or RPC connection.

  • All ODBC and RPC applications must include the d3defs.bas module in the project to ensure proper translation of error codes.

Important information regarding Microsoft DLL files

The data returned by a Pick BASIC program (for example doing an iconv or oconv) contains strange characters on some clients, but not on others. This may occur because D3 is dependent on certain Microsoft .DLL files. After installing a new version of D3 server and recompiling programs, D3 clients trying to use old .DLL files may receive errors. Ensure that these Microsoft .DLL files are the same version on all of the D3 server and client machines.

  • Atl.dll

  • Asycfilt.dll

  • Comcat.dll

  • Comctl32.ocx

  • Comdlg32.ocx

  • Ctl3d32.dll

  • Mfc42.dll

  • Mfc42u.dll

  • Mscomctl.ocx

  • Msstkprp.dll

  • Msvbvm60.dll

  • Msvcirt.dll

  • Msvcp60.dll

  • Msvcrt.dll

  • Oleaut32.dll

  • Olepro32.dll

  • Stdole2.tlb

  • Stdole32.tlb

  • Tabctl32.ocx