Triggers in Static Server Pages

Static server pages have non-interactive triggers. Only the field-level detail trigger for a Button widget is interactive.

GOLD key combinations are not available because browsers do not support them.

An empty exec operation contains an implicit edit statement. In static server pages, the edit statement is treated as a webget followed by a webgen statement.

Triggers Available in Static Server Pages
Level Available for Server Pages
  • receiveMessage trigger
  • exec operation
  • preActivate trigger
  • postActivate trigger
  • delete trigger
  • deleteUp trigger
  • lock trigger
  • error trigger
  • preDeserialize trigger
  • postDeserialize trigger
  • preSerialize trigger
  • postSerialize trigger
  • read trigger
  • write trigger
  • writeUp trigger
  • validate trigger
  • validate trigger
  • detail trigger1
  • formatToDisplay trigger
  • formatFromDisplay trigger
  • formatToDbms trigger
  • formatFromDbms trigger
  • error trigger
  • validate trigger

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