Developing Web Applications

You can use Uniface to develop, test, and deploy web-based applications. Web applications have unique requirements with regard to testing and deployment, state management and authentication, data maintenance, and security.

Uniface provides extensive support for developing rich web applications, including:

  • Complete testing and deployment environment, which includes servers and configuration files for deploying Web applications. By default, it is configured to test your web application directly from the Uniface IDE.
  • Specialized components for defining the user interface:
    • Dynamic server pages (DSPs) provide built-in support for rich, interactive functionality, including incremental page updates.
    • Static server pages only support full-page updates and require manually implemented JavaScript extensions to enrich the user experience. They have more limited functionality than DSPs
  • Specialized widgets for a rich user interface.
  • Triggers and ProcScript instructions specifically for use in web applications, including support for client-side processing.
  • State management mechanisms, including cookies, tables, and URL-based state management.
  • Authentication mechanisms and ProcScript functions for retrieving user logon information.
  • Data integrity mechanisms, including hidden fields, CRC checksum and U_VERSION field methods to maintain data integrity of web applications
  • SOAP and web services call-in and call-out support.

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