Learning Resources

In addition to the documentation, you can find many other resources to help you use Uniface effectively.

The Rocket® Uniface elearning site (learn.uniface.com) is the first place to look. It offers:

  • Tutorials that walk you through the steps of creating simple web and desktop applications. They provide an easy way to get acquainted with the Uniface IDE and the Uniface application development paradigm.
  • Online courses that provide in-depth training on the fundamentals of Uniface and how to design and develop Uniface applications.

In addition:

  • The default Uniface templates delivered as part of the Uniface IDE provide code examples with explanations for much common functionality. For more information, see Uniface Default Templates.
  • The Rocket Community web site provides forums, blogs, downloads, technical articles, and samples.
  • The Uniface You Tube channel offers presentations, webinars, testimonials, and other videos.