trigger detail

Trigger that responds to an interactive event on a field or entity widget, such as the user clicking on the field.

Declaration: trigger detail
Applies to: Entity , Field in Form component
Activation: Activated by specific actions of specific widgets, and by the ^DETAIL structure editor function.

If there is no current field, or no ProcScript in the field-level detail trigger, or contains a $callup instruction, the entity-level detail trigger is activated.

Default behavior: If the operation is not explicitly declared, it falls back to a default behavior:
  • In Entities, there is no default behavior
  • In Fields, the detail trigger of its parent entity is invoked
Behavior upon completion: None


This trigger can be used to compute values or invoke operating system services using instructions such as call, filebox, perform, or spawn.

Use the entity-level detail trigger either for script that is applicable for all component fields, or as a default action that can be overridden for specific fields in the field-level detail trigger.

In Form components, if ProcScript is present in this trigger, the structure editor direction is always set to Next.