Modifies a declaration to indicate that the declared operation or handle is available for external use and can be called or used by another component.

  • In operation statement:

       {public}   operation  OperationName

  • In params block:

       {public}   handle  ParameterName : Direction

  • In variables block:

       {public}   handle  VariableName

  • In a public web declaration of a trigger or operation:

       public  web

  • In a public soap declaration of a trigger or operation:

       public  soap


public operation and public handle are allowed in all component types. public handle can also be selected when defining fields, global variables, and component variables.

public web can be used in Dynamic Server Pages, Static Server Pages, and Service components.

public soap can be used in Service components, as well as Dynamic Server Pages and Static Server Pages.


For operations, using the public modifier makes it available in the component signature so that it can be invoked by other components.

When used with the web keyword, it declares that an operation or trigger (such as a detail trigger or OnChange trigger) can be activated by a browser request, RESTful web service, or similar web client. The public web declaration must be present in a ProcScript module if it will be called from a web client.

When used with the soap keyword, it declares that the operation or trigger can be activated by a SOAP request. The public soap declaration must be present in triggers and operations that will be accessed via SOAP.

Declaring a Public Operation

public operation getAccounts

Making Operation Accessible to Web Clients

operation HelloWeb
public web
  <... do something ...>

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