Modifies a declaration to indicate that the declared operation or handle cannot be called or used by another component. In combination with the web keyword, it prevents the operation or trigger of a Dynamic Server Page from being directly invoked from the client browser.

  • In operation statement:

        partner  operation  OperationName

  • In params block:

       partner   handle  ParameterName : Direction

  • In variables block:

       partner   handle  VariableName

  • In the web qualifier preceding a scope block:

       partner   web


partner operation and partner handle are allowed in all component types. partner handle can also be used when defining fields, global variables, and component variables.

partner web can be used in Dynamic Server Pages.


For operations and handles, using the partner modifier makes it available only for use inside the component itself.

For scope definitions in dynamic server pages, it is used with the web keyword to indicate that an operation, detail trigger , or OnChange trigger cannot be directly invoked from the client browser. However, data specified in the scope declaration can be included in the DSP request-response exchange of other triggers or operations.

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