TCP Connector

The TCP connector provides network connectivity via the TCP/IP protocol. It handles unsecured IPv4 and IPv6 connections. It also establishes the physical connection for secure communication using the TLS connector.

Mnemonic: TCP
Supported versions: TCP4 (IPv4) and TCP6 (IPv6).
Supported applications All Uniface applications and servers including:
  • Uniface client applications
  • Uniface Server
  • Uniface Router
  • Uniface Router Monitor
  • Uniface Debugger
  • Web Request Dispatcher
  • Asynchronous Messaging

The Router Monitor must connect to the Uniface Router using TCP4. It cannot use TCP6 connections, although it can display both TCP4 and TCP6 connections.

The Uniface Debugger can use TCP6 for its connections. The host name specified in the /deb switch determines the protocol. It is also possible to create a udbg.asn file that contains settings to influence the choice of protocol.

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