Language Setups

A language setup is a collection of definitions that specify the texts and formatting of language-related data that may be visible in the user interface of a desktop application.

  • Date-time properties—date and time formats.
  • Editor messages—Uniface text editor messages.
  • Button Text—button texts in panels, as well as texts for runtime structure editor functions.
  • Toggle Symbols—answers for askmess responses, labels for the Character Attributes menu, and check boxes in panels.
  • Japanese Eras—Japanese eras based on the reigns of the emperors

Uniface delivers language setups for the following languages in the libmsg.usys.xml file (available in uniface\misc directory of the installation).

  • ARB Arabic
  • D German
  • E Spanish
  • F French
  • HEB Hebrew
  • I Italian
  • JPN Japanese
  • NL Dutch
  • S Swedish
  • USA English

You can use the standard language setups provided by Uniface, or define your own. Once defined, you can apply and use the language setups as the default for the project, in ProcScript, or in the assignment file. Any language setups you use must be distributed with the application.

To create or modify language setups, choose More Editors and select the type of definition under Language Setups:

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