Define Component Operations of a Signature

Operations are the interfaces to components. Every component has a set of custom-defined operations. You can define these interfaces using the Signature Editor.

To define an operation signature:

  1. From the Signature Editor, click the >> button adjacent to the Details of Operation field.

    The Define Operation form is displayed.

  2. Click New button.
  3. Enter an OperationName and Communication Default.

    For non-Uniface implementations, this name is mapped to the literal name.

  4. Define the other properties of the operation.

    For foreign implementations, specify a case-sensitive name for the operation in the Literal Name field. Uniface maps the operation name to the literal name.

    For C implementations only, if you create a new operation in the Signature Editor, Uniface generates the default name ComponentName_OperationName to ensure that it is unique. You will likely need to change this to reflect the actual operation/method name of the component.

  5. To delete an operation, in the Define Operation form, select the operation you want to delete and click Delete.

Define the operation parameters. For more information, see Define Operation Parameters in a Signature.

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