Define an Application Server Shell

Create a an application server shell when you want to define customized behavior for a Uniface server.

You must have created a project to contain your application definitions. For more information, see Working with Projects.
  1. In the U-Bar, click Browse, select prj, then choose the project you want to open.
  2. In the Templates tab of the Resource Browser, select the Windows Shell template, then drag and drop onto the project object in the Structure.
  3. Right-click the new application shell and click Open to open it in the Application Shell Editor.

    Notice that the Shell Type property is set to APU (Server).

  4. Set the Configuration properties for the application shell in the Properties Inspector.
    1. If you have defined global objects such messages and global ProcScripts, select the Library containing these objects.
    2. If you want to define your own properties, click the More icon (The More icon opens a properties dialog.) in More Properties to open the Define Application Shell Properties dialog.
  5. In the script editor, write ProcScript to define the application environment and actions required to initialize the application.

    For example, for a web application server, you could use the preRequest trigger to authenticate the user before activating specific components or operations.

  6. Click Compile to compile the application shell.

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