Create a Library for Modeled Properties or Global Objects

To create libraries of modeled properties, global objects, and language setups, use the editors available in the More Editors menu.

To create a library for a global object:

  1. In the Uniface IDE, choose More Editors > and select the type of object you want to create.

    The Open Library dialog is displayed with a list of the available libraries.

  2. If you want to add a new library, click the + button, and then enter a Library Name and optional Description.

    Alternatively, you can enter a non-existing name, in which case you will be prompted to confirm after clicking OK.

    Define Library Properties editor

    Tip: If the library is for use by all your Uniface applications, give it the name SYSTEM_LIBRARY. Otherwise, give it a name that is appropriate to its context.

    Caution: Do not give it the name USYS, as this library already exists and is used by Uniface itself. When a new version or release of Uniface is installed, global objects in the USYS library may be deleted and replaced by new ones.

  3. Click OK, and if prompted to confirm, click Yes.
  4. If you are creating a library for Menus, Panels, Device tables, or Keyboard tables, create an item, then click OK again.
  5. The library or object editor is now opened so that you can add and edit objects in the library.

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