Glyphs are images in a Uniface-proprietary format, which can be used as background images in forms, entities and application shells, and as icons in widgets, panel buttons, menus, and drag-and-drop formats.

Glyphs are not usable in web or mobile applications.

The glyph format is similar to a Microsoft Windows bitmap file (.bmp), but it is OS-independent and DBMS-independent.

When defining a glyph, you can use any supported image format as your source image. Uniface contains a large range of image filters, which enable you to load image files irrespective of their format.

For each glyph, you can also define a secondary image, which is used as a shadow during drag and drop operations. The secondary image must be exactly the same size as the primary image, and the black pixels must correspond to the white pixels in the primary image.

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