Design the Layout of Reports

Use the Define Frames worksheet to refine the layout of the Report component. You can add header and footer frames to define pages headers and footers, and break frames to control page break behavior.

In Report components, Uniface automatically prints all the retrieved occurrences. It is therefore recommended that you not draw repeating occurrences. For more information, see Design Guidelines for Printing.

  1. Resize and arrange the entities, fields, and labels on the Canvas to design the layout.

    A field wraps according to the horizontal size of the field as defined in the report. It is possible to prevent wrapping.

  2. You can add labels to the component. For more information, see Define Labels and Text in Forms and Reports.
  3. To add information at the top and the bottom of the page, define a Header Frame and a Footer Frame.

    To insert column headers, page breaks, or conditional information, define one or more Break Frames. For more information, see Define Header, Footer, and Break Frames .

  4. Optionally, use area frames to group data in the layout together as a single unit.

    For more information, see Area Frames for Printing .

  5. To prevent widows and orphans in a printed frame or occurrence, select an entity or area frame, right-click and choose a Printing option, such as Print Frame on Same Page or Print Occurrence on Same Page. For more information, see Page feed after occurrence .

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