ProcScript for Menus

You control how a menu item is displayed by using the ProcScript instructions in the preDisplay trigger.

ProcScript Functions




Setting $check to True places a checkmark before the menu item.

Setting $check to False removes the checkmark before the menu item.

If an icon has been defined for the menu item, the checkmark is placed over the icon.

$check cannot be used in a menu bar.


Setting $disable to True disables the menu item.

Setting $disable to False enables the menu item.

A disabled menu item is visible but can’t be selected by the user. You can control how a disabled menu is presented in the menu properties


Setting $hide to True hides the menu item.

Setting $hide to False shows the menu item.


Menu items of type Dynamic menu are placeholders for menus that you define using ProcScript. You assign the definition of your menu to $inlinemenu.

ProcScript Statements




Use this statement to activate the menu when your Uniface application runs in character mode.


Loads a new definition for the application menu bar.

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