Use the [USER_3GL] section of the assignment file to lists third-party components and Uniface 3GL extensions to be made available to Uniface.



DynamicLibrary {/preload} {(Function1, ... ,FunctionN)}

For example:

D:\Uniface\common\jre\bin\client\jvm.dll(JNI_CreateJavaVM)D:\Uniface\common\bin\udde.dll /preload


  • DynamicLibrary is the library name
  • /preload specifies that the library should be loaded at Uniface start-up
  • Function is the function name to be made available to Uniface


By default, the [USER_3GL] section lists the jvm.dll, which is required for Java call-in and XML parsing. In the default installation, this points to the JRE installed by Uniface. You can change this to point to an existing JRE installation. For example:


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