Specifies whether symbol table files and cross-reference data are generated during compilation.

$SYMBOL_TABLE { = } 0 | 1 | 2 | 3

Value Meaning
0 Do not store object references during compilation
1 Store object references in symbol table files in the working directory
2 Generate cross-reference data to the UXCROSS repository table from internal object references
3 Store object references to symbol table files and generate cross-reference data in the UXCROSS repository table


Assignment file: usys.asn, ide.asn
Section: [SETTINGS]
Default value: 0


The $SYMBOL_TABLE setting determines the automatic behavior for handling symbol tables during compilation. It can be overridden by the /sym command line switch.

During compilation, symbol tables containing object references are always internally available. They are used to generate cross-reference data, either directly ($SYMBOL_TABLE=2 or 3), or by importing symbol tables from files (generated when $SYMBOL_TABLE=1 or 3.

Compilation performance can be slower when generating cross-reference data. It is usually preferable to generate symbol table files on a regular basis and generate or update cross-reference data when required.

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