Specify the default character set used for storing data in String fields with C packing code.

$DEF_CHARSET {=} CharacterSet


CharacterSet—character set supported by both the database and Uniface

Allowed Values

The allowed values for CharacterSet are listed in the Character set column of the following table.

Uniface-Supported Character Sets

Character Set

Description Platform
CP1250 Code page 1250 for Eastern European language Windows
CP1251 Code page 1251 for Cyrillic language Windows
CP1252 Code page 1252 for Western European language Windows
CP1253 Code page 1253 for Greek Windows
CP1255 Code page 1255 for Hebrew Windows
CP1256 Code page 1256 for Arabic Windows
CP708 Code page 708 (7-bit) for Arabic Windows
BIG5 Traditional Chinese character set BIG5. Windows, Unix, Linux
GB (or GB2312) Simplified Chinese character set GB2312-80 (code page 936) Windows, Unix, Linux
KSC (or KSC5601) Korean character set KSC5601-1992 (code page 949) Windows, Unix, Linux
Shift-JIS Japanese character set Shift-JIS ( code page 932 and 943) Windows, Unix, Linux
EUC Japanese character set EUC Unix, Linux
LATIN1 (or DEC) ISO 8859-1 for Western European languages Unix, Linux
LATIN2 ISO 8859-2 for Eastern European languages Unix, Linux
LATIN5 ISO 8859-5 for Cyrillic languages Unix, Linux
LATIN6 ISO 8859-6 for Arabic Unix, Linux
LATIN7 ISO 8859-7 for Greek Unix, Linux
LATIN8 ISO 8859-8 for Hebrew Unix, Linux
037 CCSID for English iSeries
500 CCSID for English without € Multilingual iSeries
1148 CCSID for English with € Multilingual iSeries
870 CCSID for Easter European languages iSeries
424 CCSID for Hebrew iSeries
935 CCSID for Simplified Chinese iSeries
933 CCSID for Korean iSeries
9301 CCSID for Japanese iSeries
939 CCSID for Japanese iSeries
273 CCSID for German/Austrian without € iSeries
1141 CCSID for German/Austrian with € iSeries
280 CCSID for Italian without € iSeries
1144 CCSID for Italian with € iSeries
284 CCSID for Spanish without € iSeries
1145 CCSID for Spanish with € iSeries
297 CCSID for French without € iSeries
1147 CCSID for French with €


278 CCSID for Finish/Swedish without € iSeries
1143 CCSID for Finish/Swedish with € iSeries

CP437 (or IBMPC)

IBM PC code page 437, used in DOS programs  


IBM PC code page 850  
UTF8 Unicode  


Assignment file: client assignment files, usys.asn
Section: [SETTINGS]
Default value: None


The character set specified in $DEF_CHARSET is used for data storage and data validation of String fields with C packing code. You can use the ProcScript function $def_charset to test the value of $DEF_CHARSET.

If the Character Set is explicitly defined in the Database Interface of an entity, it takes precedence over $DEF_CHARSET.

The packing code of a String field can be C, W, or U. The W packing code can be switched to the C packing code by setting the Wide Character Behavior property of the entity's Database Interface to Use character set. In this case, the default character set must also be specified by $DEF_CHARSET or the Character Set property.



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