Create a New Component

Use the Project Editor to create a new component.

You must have created a project to contain your application definitions. For more information, see Working with Projects.
  1. Open the project to which the component will belong.
  2. In the Resource Browser, select the template for the type of component you want to create, and drag and drop it onto the project in the Project Structure Editor:
    • Dynamic Server Page component
    • Entity Service component
    • Form component
    • Report component
    • Service component
    • Static Server Page component

    The new object is created and assigned a temporary name.

  3. Click the component name and enter a new name, then press Enter.
  4. To open the component, right-click it and choose Open.

    The component is opened in its own tab.

  5. Set the component properties in the Properties Inspector.

    Component properties define general component behavior, such as memory management and the use of a library. Component-specific properties determine characteristic or behavior that is only applicable to the specific type of component. For example, you can prevent your users from updating any data in a form component, whereas this is not applicable for service or report components.

    To begin with, you can accept the defaults and later go back to change properties as required.