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Rocket® Uniface is an environment for developing, integrating, deploying, and managing enterprise applications that run on a wide range of platforms and databases, and integrate with many other technologies.

Uniface can be used for web applications, mobile apps, desktop applications, or run in the cloud. The data they access can be stored in a variety of supported databases. And they can integrate with other applications and technologies, such as web services, LDAP and email, and .NET and Java applications. (For the up-to-date list of supported platforms, databases, and technologies, see the Platform Availability Matrix.)

This makes Uniface the ideal tool to underpin complex systems that support vital business processes, such as web-based online shopping, salary administration, and inventory control.

To run applications, Uniface has its own runtime engine, servers, and connectors that can be configured to run in a distributed environment and integrate with a variety of databases and technologies. A pre-configured runtime environment is provided with the Uniface IDE for testing purposes.

To build these applications, Uniface provides a productive, model-based development environment—the Uniface IDE—and a powerful scripting language called ProcScript. Uniface also supports JavaScript, XHTML, and CSS.

The Uniface IDE maintains definitions for Uniface objects (modeled objects, templates, components, and so on) in a Repository.

Uniface Editions

Uniface is available in two editions:

  • The Rocket® Uniface Enterprise Edition is able to support multiple developers and run complex scalable applications on a wide variety of platforms and databases.
  • The Rocket® Uniface Community Edition is a free version of Uniface, intended for new and experienced Uniface users who want to explore and learn about Uniface and quickly build working applications. The number of users is restricted, as are the supported databases, deployment platforms, and drivers, but it is in most other respects, the same as the Enterprise Edition.
Feature Community Edition Enterprise Edition
Uniface IDE Y Y
Uniface Debugger Y Y
Uniface Router Y Y
Uniface Server Limited scalability Fully scalable
Web Application Server Limited scalability Fully scalable
Supported platforms Windows 10

Windows 10

Database connectors SQLite SQLite
Microsoft SQL Server
Integration support   Integration with third-party applications created with C++, C, and other 3GL languages
Customer support and training

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Uniface Technical Support

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