Configuration file of the web application.

Default location: UnifaceAPSInstallDir\uniface\webapps\uniface\WEB-INF. On iSeries, it is not installed; it is found on the CD in the uniface/webapps/uniface/WEB-INF directory.


The web.xml file contains the web application deployment descriptors used by Java-based web servers. The Uniface servlets run in the environment of the web application; settings for the Uniface servlets, WRD and SRD, are stored in the web.xml file.


The settings for the servlets are grouped in servlet configuration sections, one for each servlet. The web.xml file uses the following format to configure servlet settings:




  • ServletName—name of the servlet (for example, the Uniface servlet wrd)
  • ServletClass—Java class implementing the servlet
  • ParamName—name of the servlet configuration setting
  • ParamValue—value of the setting
Servlet Settings




Specifies the period of time, in seconds, that the servlet waits for a reply or acknowledgement from the Uniface Server.


Instructs the servlet that user authorization is required.


Specifies the default encoding used for converting inbound and outbound HTML.


Specifies the path to the parent directory of the Web error message pages.


Specifies the maximum size, in kilobytes, of files that can be uploaded from the client to the server.


Specifies the maximum number of files that can be uploaded during any one client session.

MAXPOSTDATASIZE Specifies the maximum size, in kilobytes, of the content body sent in POST and PUT requests from the client to the server.


Specifies the middleware module to use and the path to a Uniface Server host.


Specifies the directory that temporarily holds the downloadable resources.


Specifies the maximum time, in seconds, that downloadable resources are cached by the servlet before they are deleted from the server.


Specifies whether cookies can be set on the client. Default value is TRUE. If set to dynamic, the servlet determines if the browser can accept cookies.

TCPKEEPALIVE Specifies whether to use the SO_KEEPALIVE mechanism for the TCP socket between the WRD or SRD servlet and the Uniface Router.


Boolean value to specify whether a test USP is displayed with the information page. Default value is TRUE.


Specifies whether the WRD should handle references to documents on relative paths.


Specifies the absolute URL path of the Web application directory for the servlet.

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