The ide.asn file is the default configuration for the Uniface IDE.

Default location: UnifaceInstallDir\uniface\adm


It is created during the installation process and reflects some of choices made about the location of the installation and user data files.

Although you can edit the file to add or change some of the assignment settings, the contents of the file may vary with each release of Uniface, so a better approach is to define create your own configuration file, and include the one provided by Uniface.

Example: Configuring the Uniface IDE with a Customized Assignment File

This example shows a typical local assignment file that extends the ide.asn file. You can create a Windows shortcut that starts the Uniface IDE using this assignment file: ide.exe /asn=my_ide.asn

; myide.asn
; used with command line: ide.exe /asn=my_ide.asn

#file usysuniface:adm\ide.asn  Callout 1

$listing_level = 2  Callout 2

; Overwrite with my own paths:  Callout 3
$MQL = MQL: mydb:|myname|mysecretpw
  1.  Include the ide.asn file to ensure that settings required by the Uniface IDE are available.
  2.  Add settings that you want to use.
  3.  Define paths to my databases, overwriting default definitions.