The dbms.asn file is a basic assignment file containing the DBMS assignment settings.

Default location: UnifaceAPSInstallDir\common\adm


The dbms.asn file is included by other basic assignment files such as ide.asn and wasv.asn. It is created during installation of Uniface. You must modify the file to suit your own environment.

; Sample database assignment file
SEQ U1.0
SYB U5.2
$SYB SYB:sampledb.uniface|uniface|ten


DB2     U4.0
USYS$DB2_PARAMS  segmented fields:off

; In the DB2 path below, replace RDBDIRE by the name of the local
; relational database. Use WRKRDBDIRE to obtain this name.
; Also replace LIBRARY with the name of the collection that the userver
; should use by default. Specify a username and password if you need
; the DB2(4.0) driver to run in Server mode, otherwise it runs in
; Normal mode. See the DB2 Connector information in the Uniface Library 
; for more information about Server mode.

$SYS    $DB2
$UUU    $SYS
$IDF    $SYS
$DEF    $SYS

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