Microsoft IIS and Uniface

You can use a Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) web server to deploy Uniface web applications. Although IIS is a web server, it does not have a servlet engine that can execute servlets such as the Uniface Web Request Dispatcher (WRD) and SOAP Request Dispatcher (SRD), or Java server pages.

Instead, it can direct requests to the Tomcat servlet engine using the Apache ISAPI Redirector (isapi_redirector.dll, also known as the IIS connector). The IIS connector communicates with Tomcat via an AJP (Apache JServ Protocol) connector.

The ISAPI Redirector and default configuration files are provided with the Tomcat installation. The redirector needs to be correctly configured before you can use IIS for your Uniface web applications.

If you have already installed IIS and are installing the Uniface Enterprise Edition, you can have the Uniface installer perform this configuration for you. (Choose Advanced installation and select Configure IIS for use with Uniface.)

Note: This configuration fails if IIS is not installed, or if it has been previously configured to run the servlets provided with Uniface products.

If configuration is unsuccessful, or if you are using a Tomcat installation that is not the one delivered with Uniface, you will need to manually configure IIS. For more information, see Configuring Microsoft IIS to Use Tomcat.

The default configuration provided by Uniface is unsecured, so even if it is successful, we recommend modifying the configuration to protect the communication channel between IIS and Tomcat. For more information, see Configure Security for the ISAPI Redirector